How it all started

First DM themed company was created in early 2008 with aim to improve my family financial stability. This all have developed over the time and now we are more than simple family run company, numerous divisions of DM are operating independently and at this same time having one principle as a core.

Satisfy our customers and deliver service that will get us recommended time after time.

This may sound like a simple selling point, however it is best way to stay in the business. Delivering good service to customers and maintaining good communication and relationship will take company very long way, this is what we strive for and it is providing great return for all our employees.

DM division consists of: DMclean - Domestic cleaning company that is operating in Cardiff and in nearby towns, main objective is to provide reliable service to all our customers and to grow more in to commercial cleaning. That could present more opportunities to strive for excellence and customer satisfaction that will be nurturing our attention to details and striving for reduction in costs and improvement in efficiency.

DM Oven Clean - With lots of experience in domestic cleaning we could easily expand to this area and still maintain our professional services at highest level.  Oven cleaning is business in which we can achieve great price value for our customer through great logistics and pure volume at which we operate.

DM Carpet Clean - .This is our pearl company in which most of the new experimentation with social media marketing and google marketing is coming to play and is working very well for our organization. This corner stone of our entire organization that allows us to expand exponentially without overexpansion, that is why we strive to improve its services all the time.