Dealing with low Volume in your business

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low volume in your business How do you deal emotionally with low volume of jobs coming in to your organization, this is something that many of my self employed friends are asking me. This is not an easy question and situation to deal with, it can very well put you down for a day or for longer. Not having customers when you have bills to pay and family to feed, this can be almost paralyzing to move from bed and to progress with whatever is needed to do get the business going. I have some great experience with this sort of issue and I can tell you that it is not easy, every industry will have ups and down in the year and sometime there is simply not much that you can do yourself.

Primary advice that I give my friends: stay positive and make sure that you talk to your friends and family, never stay alone with the problem, never dwell on it. If you will it will consume you and it will eat you alive, so stay positive and communicate with who ever you trust and will listen to you. Those conversations will help a lot, and they may give you a bit different perspective on life. Verbalizing your thought is very good for business, if you can get a mentor for your business journey it will be even better. Mentors have been what you are going through and will be able to give you this positive drive and different outlook that can make massive difference.

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