Does Social traffic effects your organic traffic?

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This is very interesting I have been having some traffic issues recently with my website. I was almost reaching 2,5k of visits some time at the beginning of the year, those monthly visits where generating fantastic conversions and sales. I was very happy with this increase, however I did not notice that this was mainly caused by social media traffic and that Google Adwords could not generate such a great conversions and traffic. For some reason this link was not clear for me. This revelation is something that took me some significant stress along the line, as my reduction in social media budget cause direct effect on sales.

social clicks impact
comparison on the traffic with increase social media and then decrease, correlation with organic traffic (coincident? )

I have only done this change yesterday, and I could see some results already unfolding. However at this same time I know that this sort of advertising that is working in the way to convince customer to do something that they may not have been convinced to do before. That is why this process is taking some time and cannot be just present effects in this same day. However some customers can be tempted to use services at this same day and those are the best. Amazingly this have some backing from my previous statistics that I have gathered, from the time that I had lots of social media traffic coming in.

I can say that social traffic is effecting organic traffic, and that this will transfer in to conversions. This will require longer testing and more data to estimate correlation, and it will be interesting to unfold those relations in more system manner.

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